LeGrand Law was founded to provide smart representation for clients facing complex legal challenges. Our core principles are fierce advocacy and a commitment to justice. Our clients are individuals and businesses who need nimble yet high-caliber representation. We use creativity, technology, and a lean business model to tackle legal matters effectively, and efficiently.

We tailor our legal strategy to your goals. Our lean staffing means that we don’t need to create unnecessary work to keep several associates busy. Instead, we delineate the aspects of your case that are material to success. We work with co-counsel when a case needs more manpower, but we know that many cases are best handled by the focused attention of one or two attorneys.

Zealous advocacy

We firmly believe that everyone is entitled to a zealous advocate, and we take pride in playing that role for you. Whether we are communicating with a government agency, negotiating a settlement with opposing counsel, or arguing a motion in front of a judge, we are constantly asserting and advancing your position in a clear, concise, and compelling way.

Informed counseling

One of the most valuable services we provide as lawyers is sound advice. We appreciate that you are trusting us with guiding you through one of the most challenging periods of your life, so we take our role as counselors to you very seriously. We master the facts of your case and the relevant law so that we can provide you with an informed understanding of your legal rights and obligations, and the practical implications for you and your business.


We represent individuals and businesses in complex civil litigation, with a focus on representing parties in business disputes and intellectual property cases in federal court. 



We represent individuals and corporations in government investigations involving a broad range of issues, including securities law, government contracting, and congressional investigations. 


We represent individuals at all stages of white-collar criminal litigation (investigations, trials, sentencing proceedings, and appeals), with a focus on federal criminal cases.