Criminal Defense

If you are accused of a federal crime, we understand that everything is at stake for you—your freedom, your reputation, your career, and even your family. We can help. Defending individuals facing criminal charges is a core part of our practice and something we are passionate about.

We have experience with all stages of criminal investigations and trials, including negotiating pre-trial resolutions, representing clients in jury trials, and at sentencing and in appeals. We also work with witnesses subpoenaed to testify at trials or before a grand jury.

Examples of matters we have handled include:

- Obtained post-conviction relief for a woman wrongly convicted of first-degree murder, and represented her when she was granted a new trial, which ended in a judgment of acquittal.   

- Secured dismissal of all charges against a political protestor in a high-profile case in the District of Columbia. The dismissal was based in part on a finding that the government committed discovery violations.

- Obtained favorable outcomes involving no jailtime for individuals being investigated for selling counterfeit goods, and misusing government computing resources, among other matters.

- Secured dismissal of criminal charges against a student wrongly accused of sexual assault and represented him in a campus Title IX proceeding.