Rebecca LeGrand on CNBC discussing former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara's new task force on insider trading

Attorney Rebecca LeGrand appeared on CNBC yesterday to share her thoughts on Preet Bharara’s new task force on insider trading. Ms. LeGrand said that she agreed with the message that insider trading laws are outdated and unclear, but argued that we should think hard about why we treat insider trading as a stand-alone crime in the first place.

Rebecca LeGrand on CNN discussing the latest twist in the Mueller probe

Attorney Rebecca LeGrand appeared on CNN on August 25th to discuss the latest news in the Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort cases and its implications for the broader Mueller probe. "We've seen spokes of a conspiracy, we haven't seen the wheel. But there is every reason to believe there is a wheel that joins all this together into a broader conspiracy that has not yet been indicted" said Ms. LeGrand.

Rebecca LeGrand on BBC analyzing the defense team's strategy in the Manafort trial

Attorney Rebecca LeGrand appeared on BBC World News America to share insights on the Manafort defense team's decision to rest its case without calling any witnesses. Forgoing calling any witnesses is always a tough call for the defense, but as Ms. LeGrand explained "It's probably a smart call on a case like this to focus on poking holes in the government's case, instead of putting your own people up there to receive the same kind of potential punishment." Ms. LeGrand also highlighted the importance of documents in this case, and the heavy lifting that must be done by the jury to reach a verdict in a complex white collar case like this one.

LeGrand Law Secures Dismissal of Criminal Charges Against Inauguration Day Protester

LeGrand Law is pleased to announce the dismissal of all charges against our client, who was arrested while protesting the election of President Trump on inauguration day last year.

Our client was among numerous individuals charged by federal prosecutors with felony rioting, conspiracy to riot, and destruction of property in connection with the inauguration day protests.

Late last week, Chief Judge Robert E. Morin of the D.C. Superior Court dismissed with prejudice the conspiracy to riot charge against our client, as well as several of his co-defendants as reported in the Washington Post. The dismissal with prejudice was a sanction against the government for intentionally misrepresenting information and wrongfully withholding evidence favorable to our client and the other defendants, in violation of the government’s obligations under Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963).

LeGrand Law welcomes new associate

LeGrand Law is pleased to welcome Mehreen Imtiaz as an associate at the firm. Mehreen is a graduate of the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law and the University of Toronto in Canada. She has previously worked on matters involving multinational corporations and sovereigns in high-stakes matters, and has worked as a summer law clerk in the D.C. Attorney General's Office. Mehreen's work will pertain to all of the firm's practice areas. 

Raynella Leath Exonerated

Rebecca LeGrand and her co-counsel, Josh Hedrick, spoke to the Knoxville News Sentinel about the exoneration of their client, Raynella Leath, after the State tried her a third time in May 2017. More details on the long history of this case can be found on the National Registry of Exonerations website

Ms. LeGrand is extremely grateful that Mrs. Leath was finally given a fair trial, and is home with her family at last. 

Rebecca LeGrand on Fox News discussing civil suit seeking care for soldiers harmed by cold-war era chemical tests

On May 29, 2017, Attorney Rebecca LeGrand appeared on Fox News to discuss a lawsuit regarding provision of care to veterans who had undergone chemical testing in the cold-war era. In her comments, Ms. LeGrand highlighted the fact that many of the arguments in the case had centered on the appropriate role of the courts in managing the government's fulfillment of its responsibility toward the veterans. Ms. LeGrand also expressed her hope that a recent California decision "will allow a way forward that makes sure the government does the right thing without getting courts involved in day-to-day decision-making about how care is provided." 

Rebecca LeGrand on the SEC's increased focus on requiring admissions of wrongdoing in settlements

Attorney Rebecca LeGrand shared her thoughts on the Securities and Exchange Commission's increased focus on requiring admissions of wrongdoing in settlements with the agency. Noting that "it's a bitter pill for a corporate defendant to swallow," Ms. LeGrand discussed the consequences of the new policy for corporations, particularly in context of civil suits brought against them.